About Dwandwa

Dwandwa :- Weaponless Struggel Fight Between Two Players is Called Dwandwa.
Dwandwa Is an Ancient Indian Martial Art Which was Begun in satyug. Dwandwa is an Ancient Martial Art For Self Defence.
Dwandwa is a Word of Sanskrit Language.
Meaning Of Dwandwa:- Meaning Of Dwandwa is Youdh Between Two Fighters Without Weapon.
Dwandwa is Not a New Name But it is an ancient Marital Art. Dwandwa's Explaination Is founded in Ancient Folk Tale. Dwandwa is developed as effective Modern Self Defence.

Type of Dwandwa:
  1. Youdh
  2. Yoga
Type of Youdh:
  1. Indvisible Youdh
  2. Team Youdh
Yoga Sports:
  1. Yoga Sports
    • Indvisible Yoga
    • Team Yoga
  2. Yoga Meditation